Monday, October 26, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition Prepares for the Collapse
Holds 3 months of food and $10 million in gold for employees. Article by Tyler Durden.

Neocons Tossed Out
in Canada. Article by Eric Margolis.

Something Is Rotten
Theodore Dalrymple on what the state and the left have done to Shakespeare.

Dangerous Questions Dogging Hillary
Thanks to Roger Stone.

Pressitutes at Work
Paul Craig Roberts on the Western media.

How To Stamp Out Cultural Marxism
In one generation, says Brandon Smith.

Commissar Avakian
And his war against property rights. Article by William Norman Grigg.

Another Doomsday Event Looming?
A disturbance in the Oort Cloud.

13 Years of Enslavement
Arjun Walia on the true agenda of government schools.

Hack Your Brain
9 clever ways.

The 727-HP Mustang
Right out of Petty’s Garage, the in-house speed shop, says Jerry Reynolds.

Our Daily Poison
Dr. Joseph Mercola on purging it.