Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Hillary the Perjurer
Andrew P. Napolitano on the witch of chaos.

Read for Freedom
Books the government doesn’t even want you to look at.

The Myth of Reagan
Jack Kerwick on the beloved phony.

Happy Halloween!
It’s central banks rig-the-market week, says Gerald Celente.

Legalize Meth
Marc J. Victor on why it’s the only course that makes sense.

Put a Warning Label on the Voting Booth
Robert Wenzel on the worst cancer-causing agent in the world.

With Government Importing a Higher Crime Rate
Europeans want guns.

Bernie Sanders, Another Phony
Will Tippens on how he betrayed the few anti-establishment ideas he once had.

Beware of Offshore Scams
Mark Nestmann on 3 of his favorites.

Your Tongue
What it says about your health.

The Classic Insatiable
People thought of “The Blob” as communism, when it is really the state.

Did You Have Your Good Bacteria Today?
It’s the key to the health of your immune system.