Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

The Natural Right to Self-Defense
Andrew P. Napolitano on Hillary and other enemies.

Lovers of the State Really Hate Uber
Gary North on why.

Think for Yourself
Numbers don’t lie. Liars do, says Gerald Celente.

When You Cross the Blue Line
Your “blue” life doesn’t matter, says William Norman Grigg.

Bombing Syria?
I wish no one were doing it, says Ron Paul.

No More ‘Free Trade’ Treaties
It’s time for the real deal.

Did the US Bomb Doctors Without Borders
For opposing Obama’s crony trade scam?

Terrifying Consciousness
How to understand and cope with sleep paralysis.

Murder, She Wrote
Take the quiz about this stage sensation, TV detective, and movie star.

4 Types of Shooter
Which are you? Article by Jeffrey Denning.

What’s Your Body Trying To Tell You?
9 signs that you’ve got a health issue.

Area 51, Diego Garcia, More
10 military installations famous for conspiracies, torture, and other furtive projects.