Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Secret Government
David Talbot talks to Lew Rockwell about JFK’s murder and other CIA crimes.

The Gospel According to Kristol
Paul Gottfried on neocon fave Ben Carson.

Abolish DUI Laws
They’re wrong morally and legally, says Marc. J. Victor.

Dog of War
Did liar Tony Blair just tell the truth about his crimes against Iraq?

Is Man Wolf or Sheep?
Robert Ringer on finding the path of peace and decency in the US of public and private murder.

50% of 25 Yr-Olds Live in the Folks Basement
Thank the Fed for blowing the biggest debt-funded asset bubble ever. says Tyler Durden.

Hands Off
A social guide to touching.

The Status Quo Hates Your Guts
Charles Hugh Smith on your enemies.

James Bond Can’t Be Gay or Female
Any more than I can play Wonder Woman or Lassie, says Piers Morgan.

The CDC Cover-Up Continues
Dr. David Brownstein on the deadly link between vaccines and autism.

Of Arms and Men
Greg Camp on choosing to be a man’s man.

Chicken Soup for the Cold
Dr. Joseph Mercola on foods that fight it and boost your immune system.