Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

If the Imperial Military Is a PC Joke
Is the world safer? Article by Fred Reed.

Are Markets Being Manipulated Again?
To convert stocks into cash for the banksters? Article by Bill Sardi.

Insult a Cop
William Norman Grigg on when it’s a crime.

Dictators or Democracy
Let’s support neither, says Michael S. Rozeff.

Putin Calls Out the Hegemon
About time, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Are You Prepared for Financial Prohibition?
Bill Bonner on living better for less, with shipping containers and cash.

If You Own a VW Diesel
Jerry Reynolds on your next step.

A 10-Step Program to Freedom
Gavin McInnes on curing your phone addiction.

The Journey From Boy to Man
Lessons in the values, education, and training of the Sioux.

The Brutality of PC Psychology
Pouring drain cleaner into a trans-abled woman’s eyes, to blind her.

The High Cost of Cheap, Unhealthy Food
Dr. Joseph Mercola on the galloping diabetes epidemic.

Got Warts?
10 natural ways to rid yourself of them.