Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Everything You Know Is Wrong
Max McNabb on the Boston Tea Party.

The US Navy Can Be Sunk
Fred Reed on one more reason not to start a war on China.

Roger Stone Endorses Trump
Famed political expert tells Lew Rockwell he will wreck the Hillary and Jeb crime families.

The Bitching Hour
Gavin McInnes on PC Halloween.

Cash Is Becoming Radioactive
Will the US copy Sweden? Article by Joseph T. Salerno.

America Must Secede
From the American Empire. Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

NSA-Proof Wallpaper?
New technology can turn your home into a counter-surveillance bunker, says Joshua Krause.

9 Phrases Smart People Never Use
Avoid them at all cost, says Travis Bradberry.

From Olafir Thick-Legged to Ragnar Fur-Pants
Viking nicknames were colorful, descriptive, and fascinating.

Never Forget Anything Again
10 mnemonic tricks.

The Mother of All Antioxidants
Joe Martino on what it is and where to get it.

Irritable, Depressed, Have Food Cravings?
Margaret Durst has the solution your body is looking for.