Friday, November 6, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Defeating the Houston Bathroom Ordinance
Mike Holmes on lessons for the fight for private property rights.

Red Meat Is a Red Herring
For global bureaucrats, says Yuri Maltsev.

Hillary Says Gender Is a Social Construct
But we must have a female president.

Open Borders
Essential to libertarianism, or incompatible with it?

I’m Gloomy About the Global Economy
So I’ve added to my gold position. says Marc Faber.

No One Is Talking About
The real issues, says John W. Whitehead.

Open Letter to Comrade Bill Gates
On government ineptitude. Article by Arthur M.M. Krolman.

The Man’s Guide to Sharp and Casual Dressing
Good ideas for guys of every age, says Antonio Centeno.

VW Is in Trouble Over a Non-Pollutant
That’s essential to life on earth. Article by Eric Peters.

Are You a Sheep, a Sheepdog, or a Wolf?
It’s better to be a porcupine, says Jeff Knox.

Post-EMP Survival
What if you can’t get home? Article by Lisa Bedford.

Avoid Unnecessary Medical Procedures and Prolong Your Life
Dr. Joseph Mercola on the only annual health tests he recommends.