Monday, November 16, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

The Mess at Mizzou
Walter Block would handle it.

Homicidal Madness on Friday the 13th
Eric Margolis on Paris.

Buy a Cheap Coffin
Don’t be ripped off at a vulnerable time, says Gary North.

Er, F___ Monomania
Theodore Dalrymple on corrupion of the culture.

Justice for a Murdered Rancher
Don’t leave the investigation to the “professionals,” says William Norman Grigg.

Benefactors of Mankind
Ancient, free-trading merchants.

A Hint About Ron Paul’s Greatness
He's always agreed with C.S. Lewis on the “Inner Ring.”

Avoid Dangerous Car Financing
Eric Peters on rolling bubbles.

Islamic ‘Holy Warriors’
Jack D. Douglas on wny their numbers are increasing so rapidly.

Etymological Mysteries
15 common words that have defied scholars.

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol
Drugless, natural, and good for your whole body, says Margaret Durst.

How To Survive a Terrorist Event
Always practice situational awareness, and know these 3 courses of action, says Daisy Luther.