Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Government Schools Are a Catastrophe
For whites, and especially for blacks, says Walter Williams.

Conservatism Laid Bare
Yuck. Article by Laurence M. Vance.

Want Fewer Young-Black-Male Killings?
Walter Block tells a pinko liberal leftie progressive to try the free market.

What Should Be Done?
Ron Paul on Paris.

How Low Is the Fed Prepared To Go?
Morally and in interest rates. Article by Peter Schiff.

If You Believe the Government and the Media on ISIS
You should be wearing a tin-foil hat.

On the Need to Think Clearly
Theodore Dalrymple on terrorism.

Lessons We Learned Too Late
John W. Whitehead on France and 9/11.

The Class War Has Begun
And you’re losing. Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

Want To Start Your Own Country?
Here’s 15 guys who did it.

The Man’s Guide to Western Boots
Antonio Centeno on how to wear them, cowboy.

The Life-Giving Element
Our very existence depends on it. Article by Edward Group.