Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

There’s No Such Thing as ISIS
The real threat comes from feds and friends, says Tyler Durden.

White Privilege?
Tho Bishop on State Privilege.

The war party’s evil comes home to roost, says David Stockman.

The Government Safety Device That Kills You
Eric Peters on airbags.

Is Putin Our Ally?
Patrick J. Buchanan on Syria.

Stop the Bleeding
Thomas Sowell on open borders.

Pot Freedom Is Advancing Rapidly
All over the world, says Mark Thornton.

Ponzi Had Nothing on the Fed
Keith Weiner on how people’s capital is destroyed.

Lie-Laced Victimology
It’s much more than a campus problem, says Robert Ringer.

10 Things the Ancients Did
Better than we do. Article by April Holloway.

Don’t Want To Be Without Your Guns?
John Farnam on packing and flying with your firearms and ammo.

Do You Have a Vitamin A Deficiency?
Get the most bioavailable form, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.