Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Turkey Shoot
Jack Perry on the NATO-al Qaeda axis.

Richard Russell, Rest in Peace
The Russell family on the passing of a market icon.

Russian Fighter Jet Posed No Threat to Turkey
So why shoot it down?

The Evil Genius of People Manipulation
Phillip F. Nelson on LBJ.

Legacy of Slavery?
Thomas Sowell on a highly problematic argument.

JFK Disinformation
Russ Baker on where it comes from.

Really, the Good Ol’ Days
When tax rates were 90%, says Andrew Syrios.

Anger, Resentment, and the Remains of the Middle Class
Charles Hugh Smith on what’s upending the political elite.

Terrorism Fallout
MSM propaganda fuels and fans the flames of war, says Joachim Hagopian.

Twitter Twits, Facebores, and Instagoons
Taki is not a fan of social media.

Your Blood Sugar
50 common foods and their sometimes alarming effects.

8 Reasons for Guys To Study the Classics
Brett McKay on how to get started.