Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

How Bad Are American Universities?
Worse than you can imagine. Article by Fred Reed.

Mr. Hillary
Bill Clinton Is a biter, says Roger Stone.

Yale, Mizzou, & Your Child’s School
Ilana Mercer on the continuum of propaganda.

The Worst President?
Clearly it’s Woodrow Wilson, says James Ostrowski.

It’s Different This Time
The coming global depression, says David Stockman.

The Mirage of Racist America
And the reality of the racist left. Article by Barry Loberfeld.

The Greatest Racket of All Time?
Pater Tenebrarum on the Global War on Terror.

Not a Moment Too Soon
Patrick J. Buchanan on the end of Obamaworld.

A Monster of US Creation
Bill Bonner on the Islamic State.

Is it Okay To Eat Expired Food?
Gaye Levy on arbitrary dates vs. common sense.

10 Shocking Secrets
Of air stewardesses.

Does Your Lymphatic System Need a Tune-Up?
Take Margaret Durst’s quiz.