Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Want To Be Politically Correct?
Don’t read these.

Silence From the Open-Borders Crowd
About their dream coming true in Germany.

Reflexively Authoritarian, Morally Illiterate, Economically Ignorant
Take mandatory insurance. Please. Article by Eric Peters.

An American Ex-Pat in England
Not happily. Article by Linh Dinh.

You’d Better Stop Terrorism
L. Reichard White on the one and only way.

Francis Wants To Rewrite Scripture?
Chris Manion on anti-Christian Green-Peronism.

Treasure of the Knights Templar
How a king stole it to pay his debts.

TV Channel To Sell Guns
It’s about to go live.

They’re Making Us Fat
3 chemicals to get out of your life.

Building Hitler’s Supergun
Inside a French cliff.

Mysterious California Landslide
No one knows what caused it.

Situational Awareness
Brett and Kate McKay on copying Jason Bourne.