Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Una Vida por la Libertad" Awarded to Ron Paul

-Press Release
MEXICO CITY - Caminos de la Libertad, a Grupo Salinas initiative to provoke reflection and awareness about freedom, announced today that Grupo Salinas Chairman Ricardo B. Salinas presented the "Una Vida por la Libertad" award to Ron Paul.

During the awards ceremony that also included the tenth annual essay contest Caminos de la Libertad" Mr. Salinas said, "If we really want to end poverty, what we need is more freedom, freedom of enterprise, to create productive companies that generate well-paying jobs. The way in which poverty is eliminated, is with more freedom."

Upon the reception of the reward, former Republican Congressman Paul commented, "Our foreign policy is failing; people are tired of governments that interfere with personal freedom. There must be a replacement, and that replacement is freedom, and that's the reason why I put my effort to spread the message of freedom. "