Friday, November 27, 2015

US Census Bureau Has Your Ticket to Internment Camp

-Adam Dick
Beware the United States Census Bureau. While it may seem innocuous, this government agency, which asks Americans questions and publishes demographic statistics, can quickly be turned into an instrument for mass rights abuse.

James Bovard warns in his Monday USA Today column that, should the US government pursue a “mass roundup of unpopular minorities,” the Census Bureau will likely “serve up the names and addresses on a silver platter.” After all, that is just what Bovard explains the bureau did in the 1940s to aid the US military in rounding up Japanese Americans for internment camps.

And the information the Census Bureau retains about Americans goes far beyond the number and races of people who live in each home. In addition to the once-each-ten-years regular census survey, Bovard notes that the Census Bureau mails the American Community Survey, a much longer “tsunami of questions,” to more than three million households each year. Don’t answer the questions and you can be fined thousands of dollars.