Friday, December 18, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Oligarchs Love Equality
Murray N. Rothbard on egalitarianism and the elites.

A German-American Kid From Brooklyn
And how FDR-Truman abused him. Article by David Cole.

Precisely the Wrong Time for a Fed Hike?
The global economy has decelerated badly, says Marc Faber.

No Upside Left
Except for the black market/cash economy, says Charles Hugh Smith.

Mises Is Winning
Tho Bishop on the spread of real-free market ideas.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
Gaye Levy on traveling for the holidays with a survival mindset.

The Long Hair of American Indians
Can it ever serve as almost a 6th sense?

Should You Beware of Horror Movies?
They really can, it turns out, curdle the blood.

10 Eerie Ghost Stories
That have endured for hundreds of years, from New England graveyards.

The Gunslinger’s Gait
How to spot a hidden handgun.

The Swiss Army Overcoat
How to choose the most classic and flattering staple of menswear. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.

6 Ways To Lower Your Risk of Getting Sick
Dr. Victor Marchione on developing cold and flu fighting habits.