Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

When Christian Soldiers Refused To Fight
John V. Denson on the most heartening event of WWI.

Out of Chaos, Chaos
How the empire guarantees endless war.

No Factional Reserves?
Switzerland to vote on it.

Legalize Prostitution
Even if Fred Reed isn’t serious, he’s right.

We Need Uncool Patriarchs
Get off the couch, dads, says Gavin McInnes.

Generals Disobey Warmongering President?
Seymour Hersh on aiding the secular Assad.

To Make People Take an Instant Dislike to You
Try these 9 things.

Confessions of Anonymous Flight Attendants
Their pet peeves are probably the same as yours.

Upgrade Your Existing Bug-Out Vehicle
Add capabilities without breaking the bank.

7 Holiday Cocktails From Around the World
Caution is advised.

10 Mysteries of the Ancient World
Do we finally have the answers?

Healthy Feasting
Dr. Joseph Mercola on navigating the holiday minefield and beyond.