Monday, January 25, 2016

Are We Starting Another Big War?

-Daniel McAdams
Dear Friends:

Senator Mitch McConnell is sneaking around trying to pass an authorization that will empower President Obama and any of his successors to wage endless war anywhere on the globe on where the president determines ISIS might be present. As Dr. Paul points out in his latest weekly column, this will make the acquiescence of Congress to Bush's war on Iraq look like child's play. Why is McConnell bending the Senate rules to give away the keys of the kingdom to the president on war? Probably a political calculation that the next president will be Republican and thus can hit the ground running -- and without running into any Constitutional roadblocks.

Of course handing this kind of power to the president is the sort of thing that would have the Founding Fathers rolling in their graves. It makes a mockery of Congress' obligation under the Constitution to rein in an Executive that history has shown is all too willing to take a country to war -- and to ruin. The abuse of the 2001 Authorization after 9/11 -- justifying thus far new bombing in Iraq and Syria -- should be lesson enough to make Congress think twice, but unfortunately the brakes have failed and the climate of fear has prevailed. Passing such an open-ended authorization will not be Congress doing its Constitutional duty, but rather once again shirking its Constitutional oversight responsibility.