Friday, January 1, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

You’re About To Get Monkey-Hammered
Grab your torch and pitchfork, says David Stockman.

How Dangerous Is Low-Dose Radiation?
Very, whether from Fukushima or closer to home, says Ian Goddard.

No Bankster Left Behind
It could be the regime’s national anthem. Article by Gary North.

About Conspiracy Theories
Who you gonna believe…your own lyin’ eyes?

It’s closer than you think. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

The CIA Is Still Getting Away With It
Peter Dale Scott on the Kennedy murder.

Natural Salt Is Good for You
Too little can kill you. Article by Dr. David Brownstein.

Do You Remember Any?
10 predecessors of modern tech.

Cliff Notes for Cars
Eric Peters on a few things you might not find in your owner’s manual.

Even Smart People Misuse Them
13 common scientific terms clarified.

The Heroin Epidemic
Dr. Joseph Mercola on how government and the medical cartel have created a nation of addicts.

An Earlier Exceptional Nation
150,000 fled for their lives, but were slaughtered by the invading Julius Caesar.