Friday, January 15, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

When Bill Buckley Was Enamored of a Murderer
David Cole on something to remember during “Making a Murderer.”

The Swiss Hope To Prevent Refugee Sex Attacks
With this cartoon. Article by Tyler Durden.

Need a Little Dose of Western Civilization?
My favorite is the 1st, from Catalonia.

Neocons Stamping Their Little Feet
Over the diplomatic prudence of the Iranians. Article by Daniel McAdams.

Our Rulers Don’t Follow the Constitution
Should we? Article by Eric Peters.

More ISIS Terrorism in Indonesia?
Joachim Hagopian wonders.

Get Ready
For the real Obama crash of 2016, says Ron Holland.

Watch the Petrodollar
Nick Giambruno on the wisdom of Ron Paul.

Perpetual Bases, Perpetual War
David Vine on the empire in the Middle East.

The Survival Doctor
Dr. Joe Alton on tools and supplies for your dental kit.

Want To Get Fit Fast?

Big Pharma Nervous
Can marijuana replace these 5 pharmaceuticals? Article by Christina Sarich.