Friday, January 22, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Nullifying the Jury
William Norman Grigg on the real American justice system.

Diversifying for a 40% Market Crash
Go gold, says Marc Faber.

Paying for Electric Cars
Twice. Article by Eric Peters.

Never, Ever Listen to the Left
Advice WalMart didn’t take. Article by Tyler Durden.

Their Bag of Tricks Is Empty
Central banks have lost their power, says Charles Hugh Smith.

Guns Galore
65,000 revel in the Las Vegas SHOT Show.

Your Car’s Emergency Kit
Gaye Levy on the must-have items.

Grow a Beard
It’s healthier than shaving.

Always Tired?
This deficiency could this be the reason.

Oscars for Race
The Hollywood brouhaha.

Chronic Inflammation
It’s your body’s natural response to injury and illness, says Margaret Durst.

Asylum-seekers play the “rape game” across Europe, says Daisy Luther.