Friday, January 8, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

This Is Government Land!
William Norman Grigg on the cry of the occupiers.

Neocon Denial
Enough with the nutty bullying, says Paul Gottfried.

A Little Good News About Cop Radar
It’s more vulnerable to defeat in court, says Eric Peters.

Austrian Business Cycle Theory Confirmed
By the central bankers’ central bank.

5,000 Swiss Army Troops To Protect the Plutocrats
At their Davos plotting session. Article by Tyler Durden.

Is a 90% Fall in Stocks Ahead?
Egon von Greyerz on financial engineering, social unrest, and war.

Gun Great Hickok45 Off the Air?
YouTube channel taken down but finally restored by anti-gun Google.

The Devil of the 1893 Chicago Exposition
The serial killer who built murder hotel.

The Best Cure for a Cough
Is it chocolate?

Smothered by Debt?
Gaye Levy on the no-nonsense guide to getting out from under.

Do You Need Vitamin A?
Edward Group on the dangers of deficiency.

How Safe Is the Yellowstone Caldera?
If it blows, millions could die.