Monday, January 25, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

The New World Order Is in Intensive Care
Gary North on the good news from Davos.

How To Lose the Least
In the onrushing Fed-created disaster. Article by Marc Faber.

Memo to Plutocratic Harvard
Abolish secret quotas, and undergrad tuition, says Ron Unz.

I Was Brought Up To Believe a Lot of Lies
Now the truth is getting out.

You’re Supposed To Fear Anarchy
Because it means freedom, says Eric Peters.

Libertarian Questions
Walter Block offers his answers.

African Queens and ‘New Republic’ Dreams
High-class gossip from Taki.

Charting the Crash
Clive Maund on how the whole Ponzi scheme will go down like the Hindenburg.

Who Organised the Paris Attacks?
Were the French secret police involved? Article by Thierry Meyssan.

Keep a Warm Head, Guys
Antonio Centano on the vast array of men’s winter hats.

How Do the Elements Get Their Names?
Here are the meanings behind 20 of them.

Your Machine Runs on Water and Minerals
Hydration is the foundation of health, says Edward Group.