Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

You’re Not Disarming Me, Barry
Andrew P. Napolitano on guns.

Conservatism’s Chief Thinker?
An unimpressive anti-libertarian for the warfare state. Article by David Gordon.

It’s All Going To Blow Up in Their Faces
Peter Schiff on the financial-media hacks.

Phony Tears
From the biggest purveyor of gun violence on earth.

No More Empire
We need normalcy, says Justin Raimondo.

The Despicable House of Saud
Time to dump it into the dustbin of history, says David Stockman.

Are You a ‘Potentially Suspected Terrorist’?
Jeff Knox on the highly secret and due-process free federal watchlist.

Thomas Sowell on the head gun-grabber.

67 Countries
The regime is treaty-addicted to go to war for them.

Murder, Inc.
Chris Hedges on the evil empire.

Take Care of Your Eyes
You can repair and support them naturally, says Margaret Durst.

Still Shampooing Your Hair?
Concerns about chemical damage are causing a revolt.