Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Federal Reserve Has Been Put On Notice

-Ron Paul
While I am extremely disappointed with the outcome of the vote, this vote ought to put the Federal Reserve on notice. With the American people firmly on our side on Fed transparency, and momentum shifting our way in recent Congresses, the Federal Reserve will not be able to continue operating in secrecy from the people’s representatives much longer.

The American people understand that we should not cede control of our economy and our prosperity to a small, unelected group of central planners. The average American, unlike big-spending politicians and crony capitalists, do not benefit from the Fed’s policies.

Once again, Rand is leading the way in the U.S. Senate by continuing the push for Audit the Fed, and I urge him and his colleagues to keep pursuing Audit the Fed until it passes both chambers and is signed by the President.