Friday, February 12, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Breaking Up the Official Storyline
Fred Reed on the role of the internet in all societies.

A Weed Grows in Tucson
Jack Perry on everyday dictatorship.

Crazier Monetary Policy Coming
In addition to negative rates and QE, the Fed may go to “direct monetary funding,” says Jim Grant.

Rape Is Not So Bad
According to Pentagon social justice warriors. Article by David Cole.

How Republics Perish
Patrick J. Buchanan on endless wars.

Jeb’s Big Brother Seized Private Land To Get Rich
Trump is right, says Russ Baker.

The Banksters Want New Money
To grab your old money. Article by Tyler Durden.

Want To Be Wealthier?
Don’t buy a house nor finance your assets, says Charles Hugh Smith.

History’s Greatest Conspiracy Theories
Believe none of them, you are advised.

The Whole Point of the Internet of Things
Is so Big Brother can spy on you.

Revealed…6 Surprising Signs of Heart Disease
You must NEVER ignore.

Is Your Doctor Taking Bribes From BigPharma?
Now you can find out, says Dr. Joseph Mercola.