Friday, February 19, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Peyton Manning = White Privilege
Or so the progressive hate media would have you believe, says William L. Anderson.

Evil and Insane
Marc Faber on the cashless society.

When the Uniformed Victims Come Home
Butler Shaffer on soldiers.

Jeb Bush: Coke Dealer?
Roger Stone on the scion of the Bush Crime Family.

Oregon Was Just a Sample
Mark Humphrey on federal oppression in the American West.

The Whole Camel Is in the Tent
Jack Perry on Obamacare.

Let Oil Prices Hit Bottom
Some people will go bankrupt, then we start over, says Jim Rogers.

Why They’re Coming for Your Ben Franklins
David Stockman on the Keynesian market wreckers.

A Visit to Kinkland
Fred Reed on sexual minorities.

The Man’s Primer on Gin
The history, the movies, the recipes for this celebrated spirit.

The Best Pagan Emperor?
The Stoic philosopher and creator of “The Meditations.”

Don’t Ingest Splenda
There’s nothing sweet about its links to cancer, says Julie Fidler.