Friday, February 26, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Thus Spake the Yenta
Paul Gottfried on right-wing opposition to DC neocons.

The Hell Called WWI
Eric Margolis on Verdun.

An Anarchist’s Adventure in Trumpland
Andrew Ward visits Las Vegas.

Radical Decentralization
It means freedom, says Claudio Grass.

Feeling Listless?
Theodore Dalrymple on the importance of lists as you get older.

Service Dogs
Is a useful concept getting out of hand? Article by Jack Perry.

The Escalating War on Cash
How to defend yourself.

Never Shop at a Public Car Auction
It’s too easy to get burned, says Jerry Reynolds.

Lesson for a Young Employee
Don’t whine about your job online. Article by Charles Hugh Smith.

How To De-Stress
Edward Group on 14 powerful adaptogenic herbs.

Your Brain Can Work Better
Eat chocolate.

Never Eat These
Dr. Joseph Mercola on the top 9 food additives to avoid.