Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Racial Segregation?
Don’t make Walter Williams laugh.

No American Smokestack Industries?
Not to worry, says Gary North.

The Dollar’s Tanking, Banks Will Fail
And the recession is on, says Peter Schiff.

Q&A for Walter Block
On libertarianism and Austrian economics.

Was Sirhan Sirhan a Patsy?
In the murder of RFK.

The Truth About Gold as an Investment
What Bubblevision experts conveniently overlook. Article by Tyler Durden.

Serfdom in Our Time
Paul Rosenberg on banning cash.

The Decline and Fall of Athens
Thanks to Keynesianism and migrants, says Taki.

The Upper-Middle Class Is a Bedrock of Civilization
But it’s increasingly fragile, says Charles Hugh Smith.

Rock Around the Clock
How Bill Haley’s song became the anthem of an era.

10 Spectacular Geologic Formations
From events of ancient earth.

Are You Using Pink Himalayan Salt?
If not, you’re missing out on 12 health benefits.