Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Laughing at Power Lust
Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell dissect the latest shout-debate.

Hillary vs. The Donald
Hoo boy. Article by Patrick J. Buchanan.

Question the Conventional
Expose the crooked and dangerous status-quo.

Let’s Hear It for the Housewives
And from them, says Gavin McInnes. NB: some adult language.

Worldwide Socialist Revolutions
L. Reichard White on what we can learn from pure evil.

Barbarians in the Academy
Roger Scruton on academic freedom in the age of PC.

What’s Your Car Horoscope?
The best vehicle for your sign.

The Religion of Socialism
Dr. Tim Ball on Gaia, environmentalism, and global warming.

Caught On Tape: US Test Fires Nuclear ICBM
Warns: “We are prepared to use nuclear weapons.” Article by Tyler Durden.

Look Younger, Lose Fat, Detox
5 health benefits of this green powerhouse.

Thou Shalt Not End a Relationship by Text
And 16 other rules of digital etiquette.

Are You a Left-Winger or a Right-Winger?
Take this surprising 30-second quiz.