Friday, March 11, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Shill for the Bush Crime Family
Roger Stone on Cruz.

What a Takedown
David Gordon throws a critic of libertarianism to the mat.

How Dare I?
Discuss the crimes of Nancy Reagan, that is. Article by Hugh Crane.

Forgotten American
Linh Dinh on Tony the Cook.

FBI Tells a Whopper About the iPhone
When it says it can’t unlock it, says Edward Snowden.

They Just Got Much Higher
Odds of a Hillary indictment.

Rights, Privileges, & Immunities Always Vanish
In the shadow of government, says Martin Armstrong.

Secret Police Order Public High Schools
To inform on “anti-government” students.

One Man, 50 Days, 3,800 Miles
A motorcycle trip across America in 1903.

Will the Airline Pilot Shortage Affect You?
Patrick Smith on industry changes ahead.

Manly Wisdom
Solid advice from 8 neighborhood barbers.

Health Wreckers in Your Home
Dr. Joseph Mercola on 7 sources of dangerous chemicals.