Friday, March 18, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Trump Is the Worst Candidate Running
Except for all the rest, says Eric Margolis.

Equality Means Injustice
William L. Anderson on Title IX and the disaster of college sports.

Exactly How the Elite Will Scheme
To rob Donald Trump. Article by Roger Stone.

Tomorrow Belongs to Mí
David Cole on what happened to the Roots promise.

The Car Goes Full Federal
You won’t believe the anti-driver schemes afoot. Article by Eric Peters.

Intelligent Americans Are Thrilled
To hear a former insider telling the truth about US big lies and corruption, says Jack D. Douglas.

Forgotten Founder
Walter Williams on Madison.

How To Escape the Purgatory of Minimum -Wage/Part-Time Jobs
Charles Hugh Smith Talks to young people.

Eat Fat To Lose Weight
How and why.

America’s Other Drinking Problem
Edward Group on the dangers of addictive soft drinks.

Amazing Fungi
Dr. Joseph Mercola on the mystery, medicine, and magic of mushrooms.

What Became of Atlantis?
Destroyed by a flood from the heavens, or swallowed up by the sea from below.