Friday, March 25, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

The GOP Is Doomed
Paul Gottfried cheers.

It Cometh From the Pit
Fred Reed on the Trump Monster.

Timeless Myths
And aids the Fed, the banks, and the state against the rest of us.

Dump NATO Now
If we want a future. Article by David Stockman.

The VW Witch Hunt
Eric Peters on anti-diesel evil.

Is It Finally Time for Your 1st Sports Car?
Jerry Reynolds on 8 rules when choosing your dream.

What Killed the Middle Class?
Charles Hugh Smith on 4 disasters of interventionism.

Marxism and Environmentalism
Pater Tenebrarum on an unholy alliance.

Hillary Clinton Should Fear
Skull & Bones member Robert Kagan.

Give Your Brain a Good Workout
Read a book (and LRC) every day.

Manly Slang
Clever sayings from 19th-century streets and saloons.

10 Modern Technologies
With not-so-modern origins.