Monday, March 14, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Take a Dive in November
Says a neocon mob boss. Article by Gary North.

Stop the War Games and Make Peace With N. Korea
I would then invest most of my assets there, says Jim Rogers.

Will a Trump Victory Neuter the Neocons?
If only, says Paul Gottfried.

Fiscal Follies, Warmonger Chants, Amnesty for Janet
All prez candidates are disastrous on economics, says David Stockman.

The Undeserving Rich
And their enabler, the Fed. Article by Jeff Deist.

The Metropolitan Opera of Criminal-Justice
Theodore Dalrymple visits the NYC criminal courts.

The 80/20 Rule
Change your life with the Pareto principle.

Who Killed Superman?
The real story behind the death of George Reeves.

Screw-Ups of Epic Magnitude
10 very costly typos.

From the Libraries of Famous Men
Ernest Hemingway’s reading list.

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Are giant, exploding methane bubbles disappearing ships and planes?

It’s Pi Day
Celebrate this astounding number.