Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

November 2016 Depends on One Man
It’s not Trump, says Gary North.

Democracy Is a Scam
I hate to break it to you, says Jack Perry.

Latinos, Rockets, and Ava
Fred Reed on LA.

It’s Gonna be Yuuuuge!
Donald Trump and my dream for next Japanese PM. Article by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers.

The Covert Joint Mobile Mission
It’s just like Kandahar, but now you’re the terrorist, says Eric Peters.

Watching the Death Throes of the Corrupt GOP
How much fun is that? Article by Robert Ringer.

Get Your Money Out of the Bank
Mark Nestmann on 2 big reasons to scoot.

The New Case for Gold
Bob Moriarity on the hope of real money.

America’s Gestapo
John W. Whitehead on America’s secret police.

The Ides of March
The asassination of Julius Caesar and how it changed the world.

11 Big Purchases
How long will it take for them to pay for themselves?

Bought by the BigPharma Cartel
Dr. David Brownstein on health prospects for election 2016.