Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lew Rockwell - Weekend Edition

Is the GOP Slitting Its Wrists?
Or undergoing a rebirth? Article by Patrick J. Buchanan.

Famous TV Leftist
Plays hardball with guests for his wife’s congressional campaign, says Roger Stone.

Calling Out a Hit on The Donald
NY Times house conservative.

He Never Took a Dime From the Government
Richard Wilcke on his farmer-grandfather.

Declare Victory and Get Out
Justin Raimondo on Putin and the Art of the Deal.

The Real Reason Truman Dropped the Atom Bomb
Hint: it was not to end the war.

German Response to Negative Interest Rates
We may have to copy them and the Japanese. Article by Paul-Martin Foss.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True
Jerry Reynolds on tricks of questionable car dealers.

Deaths of Roman Emperors
Related to their coinage debasement?

From Skin Fins to Pearl Necklace Polymers
How technology can help you get the perfect shave.

7 Natural Supplements for Your Disaster Kit
To combat radiation. Article by Jeremiah Johnson.

Vinyl Goldmines
10 records you might have owned that are now worth a fortune.