Saturday, March 19, 2016

Libertarians and Trump

-Bionic Mosquito
There are a wide variety of opinions amongst libertarians regarding Donald Trump. I do not intend to examine the entire spectrum, and doubt this is possible in any case. I will touch on two of the more vocal groups: libertarians who are afraid of a Trump presidency, and libertarians who are enjoying the show.

I know that generalizing is dangerous, so consider the following as painted with a very broad brush.

Fearful Libertarians

The president can make a fundamental difference in the way Washington works. Serious engagement in politics is the only effective way to make change. This sums up my view of the fearful libertarians.

Pass the Popcorn

On the national stage, I don’t recall anyone at this level poking so much fun at establishment politicians and the mainstream news media in my lifetime. Whether Trump is sincere or merely an actor for a much larger game, who knows? But his actions can only help serve to de-legitimize politics and politicians. There is everything good about this and nothing bad.