Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Agrees With Ron Paul on War in the Middle East

-Thomas DiLorenzo
I turned on the car radio today and Rush Limbaugh was discussing the bombing in Brussels this morning.  He said the “jihadists” who did this, and other acts of terrorism, hate “us” for two reasons:  1) “We’re infidels and therefore must be killed”; and 2 “We’re at war with them — or at least going through the motions.”

Whoa! Didn’t the entire neocon establishment soil its pants collectively when Ron Paul said during one of the presidential debates that such attacks are an example of blowback because we are at war in the Middle East?  Didn’t Rudy Giuliani stick his neck out during that debate to mock Ron and in turn get his head cut off by Ron (rhetorically speaking)?

This is history in the making:  Limbaugh is the first neocon to admit the reality of blowback, something all the rest of the world recognizes but has been taboo to even mention in The Land of the Neocon — until now.