Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Washington’s Neocon Occupation Upholds Illusion Of Choice In The Two-Party Duopoly

-Ron Paul Institute
A good part of the country heads to the primaries today, Super Tuesday, to cast a vote for which Democrat or Republican will run for president in November. The media and the pundits make their living playing up the illusion that there is a great difference between parties and candidates, while in fact when it comes to the most critical issues there is very little space between them.

Certainly when it comes to foreign policy, it matters very little whether Democrat or Republican sits in the White House. The neocons have held a firm grip on US foreign policy in administration after administration. But who are the neocons? What is their agenda? How do they survive so well? RPI's Daniel McAdams is interviewed by MintPressNews about the neoconservative stranglehold on Washington: