Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yes, Muslims Hate America

-Lew Rockwell
Because America hates Muslims. After more than 70 years of anti-Muslim interventions, wars, dictator-installations, economic ripoffs, and millions of dead and mutilated, who can be surprised? This has nothing to do with immigration policy, btw. Are you outraged because, as a Christian or Jew, your chances of becoming a Saudi, etc., citizen are almost nil? Of course not. You feel it’s their business. So what to do about the intensifying hate? Stop all the bombings and occupations of Muslim lands. End all interventionist alliances and vicious foreign aid. Bring all the troops and weapons home. And on the way, drop all the weapons into the sea, since they are good only for evil. It may not solve everything, but this step is essential morally and practically. And from our own standpoint, we must reject the state-oligarch program to change the American population. As a first step, stop importing millions and millions of people the regime sees as making us more malleable, let alone putting them on welfare. This is intended to harm the property rights, and social structures, of the current population. Otherwise, we go the way of Comrade Merkel’s Germany and worse.